Furniture matters a lot when you are thinking to renovate your favorite place. If you own a restaurant or café, then the design of furniture does matter. The design and the décor of the place create an effect in the mind of the customers. The restaurant or the café furniture is not a thing to consider every time, but most of the café owners are very cautious about purchasing the right type of table stands. The material, the quality, the height and the price are some of the factors that should be kept in mind while buying furniture for the cafes and restaurants.

There are many ways how you can support the tabletops. Most of the restaurants use metal bases to keep the tabletops. The metal bases have three parts. The top part is known as the spider; it is made by metal and is attached to the bottom of the table. The middle part of the base is known as the column and has the diameter of 3-4cm. The bottom part is called as the base plate that sits on the surface of the floor. There are several secrets related to the table stands that are used in the restaurants. Read the below points and know in details about the table stands.

The Base Shape Is Important:

The table stand shape is important. There are two types of table base shape available in the market, the round base bottoms and the cross base, which is popularly known as the X base. The round shape is quite popular and heavier than the X base. The round shape of the base generally has the 5 levelers and the cross bases have 4 levelers. In case of using the round base, the customers can put their legs between the levelers. There are many online companies that offer table stands with adjustable lengths for the customers.

Not All Bases Have Equal Height:

Yes, it is true. Not all the bases have the same height. All the metal bases have different weight and height. You can buy the bases according to your requirements. Some of the table stands are available in adjustable sizes. You can lengthen the height when you are using it at the bars. When you are using them on the cafes or restaurants, you can reduce the height. The round table stands are more stable than the other designs.

Importance Of Table Stand Parts:

When buying the table stands or bases, you should consider the quality. The bolts that are used on the bases are threaded rods that sometimes do not match with the nut that is used to assemble the base. You can avoid the inexperienced table stand vendors to get good quality products.

Table Stands Are Used Outdoors:

Most of the stainless steel and the aluminum table stands are manufactured to be used outdoors. These table stands are directly placed at the outdoors after purchasing. The metal products have paint coating on the surface that prevents corrosion.

Hopefully, you now have a clear idea on the table bases and stands. Whether you are running a café or a restaurant, you should check out the quality and the price of the bases before purchasing.