Different decorations for the home are received with varying levels of enthusiasm; for example, everybody loves paintings but does anyone really care about area rugs? While many people can appreciate an attractive rug here and there and may even have one in their own homes, the traditional home decoration often gets passed over for more seemingly exciting pieces. With that said, the rug has a long history in our society and there are many types and characteristics of different rugs that you could learn about.

Types of Area Rug Materials

There are many different materials that have been commonly used to make area rugs, each material having its own benefits and lifespan; although, all would require quality rug restoration in London at some point if they are intended to be continuously maintained. The different rug materials range from basic and traditional options to rare or otherwise “fancier” options.

  • Wool
  • Natural silk
  • Viscose or ryan
  • Bamboo silk
  • Sari silk
  • Sisal fibre
  • Seagrass fibre

Getting Repairs for Your Rug

It may be surprising but rugs will, over time, begin to show wear and tear and require a repair or restoration when the signs begin to show. Different repair possibilities for rugs may include fringe repair, edge or selvedge repair, and foundation repair. Other repairs may involve colour repair, pet stain removal, photooxidation repair, or food and drink spills. To ensure that repairs won’t be needed as often or as soon, you should try to take care of and maintain your rug by vacuuming frequently.