Everyone dreams of owning a house. It doesn’t matter whether you will buy the house or you will start building from scratch. The essential thing is to ensure that you are living with your family inside your home.

However, before you build a home, there are some essential parameters that you must consider. The reasons are that the dream of owning a home is usually partly borne because of the total number of residential apartments that are built every year are far few than the demand. So, if you want to make your own home, consider these essential factors:

  • Contractor

You have to get the best contractors and home designers for your house from companies like Fakro. The contractor should be worth the money you are willing to pay. So, choose wisely because hiring will save time, worry and money that you won’t use to correct shoddy work.

  • Location

The location of the place you want to build your home is essential and therefore should be the cardinal rule. First, you need to have a piece of land that you will use to construct your home. So, you will start by buying the area that you feel you can afford.

For prime areas, they have infrastructures and already with security. So, if you could get land to build in such location but you don’t have enough funds, it is better you spend more capital to purchase the estate instead of house because, with time, the land in the prime area will appreciate very fast.

However, it is not a wise idea in case you will build your mansion in an area with poor security because you might not recover the cost you will spend after deciding to sell your property. So, location is an essential factor to consider and therefore, it must be a place that meets your needs.

  • Size Of The House And Type

When building a house, the total number of rooms will depend on the family and nature. Besides, the cost of construction is another major factor that will determine the type and size of your house.

The other thing you have to consider is whether the house should be Manson or bungalow. Depending on the type of home you need to construct, you also have to find the interior design that will bring life to the house.

  • Type Of Land

If you want to build a home, remember that leveled land will always be better and cheaper unlike rocky and sloppy areas because you will spend fewer amounts. So, you can also take a trip to the land offices where you will know about the land and any encumbrances.

 However, you can check and make sure that land might not come to bring inconveniences in future because of any planned roads or sub-divisions.


You will realize that various disadvantages take place like using pocket money to pay expenses and the construction will also take a long time to be complete. The best thing about the building is that you will customize according to your lifestyle.