Regardless of whether your newly constructed basement is filled with entertainment system or game room furniture, one thing is sure it is a great space that is a favorite place among all family members. Well, the reason for renovating a home basement varies from family to family.  For some, they consider basement finishing projects to add extra living space while others opt for home movie theatres. Consistently, however, are four end uses of a basement. They include a private bar, workout facility, home movie theatre or for an additional bedroom

A basement renovation project that is performed by a family who likes to merry and entertains will probably come with a bar features. Some of the extras for the transformation include a sink, refrigeration, ice maker, dishwasher and a wide range of alcoholic drinks. This is a perfect space for adults or kids in their late teenage years.

If you’re considering hosting a small event or social function at your residence, then a private bar in the basement comes in handy for serving and providing refreshments. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about guests finding space in your small living room. The basement has a large space to host a number of people. In other words, you have more space for your small functions and events. Also, you can plan your entire party in your renovated basement without having to go to the main kitchen area to fetch drinks, ice, and cups. Additionally, a private basement bar offers homeowners the chance to store all of their drinks and tools in the area that occupies less space on the main living floors of their home.

Why Renovate A Basement

Sadly, many homeowners tend to neglect their basement. It is one of the sections of home that’s mostly written off. Some people will consider basement renovation only when they’re forced to. Good news is that you can transform that neglected space into a beautiful living space. There are many benefits to renovating a home basement. It can serve as an extra living space for the entire family. That being said, here is a rundown of the reasons why you should consider a basement renovation

  • You have plenty of transformation options to choose from ranging from study room for kids, home theatre, game room and many more. Of course, buying a new house in Canada can be expensive so renovating a home basement is a great way to add to your existing living space without spending a fortune
  • Renovating a home basement can increase the market value of your home. Potential buyers will most likely pay more for a house with a finished basement.
  • A beautifully renovated basement can provide a lot of space for storing books, clothes, old files and several household items. Install well-crafted furniture with compartments for proper organization.
  • Nobody wants a flooded basement so it makes sense to waterproof your basement. This will keep it dry and prevent mold growth.