Besides preserving the looks of masonry, crafters of stone can also add ornamental artwork to homes or buildings. These beautiful accents include finials, mouldings, and gargoyles. Craftspeople in the trade are frequently called upon to create the following:

  • Porticos
  • Reliefs
  • Cappings
  • Chimneys
  • Columns
  • Entrances

Traditional and Functional

If you wish to add a gargoyle to your building, you will find that this design is both aesthetic and traditionally functional. The erstwhile function of the gargoyle was to collect water from the roof and pour it away from a building’s face. Because water has a tendency to erode masonry, the gargoyle is a creature of art created to prevent damage to mortar.

Therefore, the inclusion of a gargoyle is important with respect to draining water. Even the name gargoyle is an indicator of the ornament’s traditional use. Gargoyle comes from the French word gargouille, which refers to the gullet.

However, the creature can also be used to enhance the looks of Gothic architecture or to scare away evil spirits. Stonemasons in Ayrshire do not care why homeowners or building owners choose to add or preserve these creatures; they are more concerned with maintaining or crafting the art.

Rely on the Skills of a Specialist

If you want to enhance the looks of a stone building, you can count on the skills of stonemasons to provide you with the ideal accents and stonework to fine-tune the looks of your structure. Whether your stone masonry needs are purely for decoration or for preservation, you can make a property more beautiful when you rely on the services of a specialist in masonry.