If you had any doubts or misgivings about the benefits associated with regularly sealcoating your driveway, take a brief moment to peruse the facts and figures shown below:

  • Installing a brand-new driveway can cost thousands of pounds and take days, if not weeks, to complete while sealcoating applications can usually be finalised in a couple of hours and for only a few hundred pounds.
  • Proper sealcoating applications have been proven to effectively double the lifespan of your driveway.
  • Sealcoating provides impermeable waterproofing, which protects your driveway from the continuous expanding and retracting due to freezing during the colder months.
  • The sun’s harmful rays can penetrate the substrates within your asphalt, causing cracks and fissures to form over time. A modernised sealcoat safeguards your driveway against UV exposure and preserves its structural integrity.
  • The deep, jet-black aesthetic of contemporary sealcoating provides an immediate facelift to your property and boosts your home’s curb appeal.

As you can see by now, establishing a scheduled sealcoating regimen is the best way to prolong your driveway’s lifespan without breaking the bank along the way; however, the onus is on you to hire a reputable contractor as opposed to some overpriced, fast-talking novice.

Fortunately, this brief article will help you do just that.

Step One: Pick an Experienced Firm

Provided the fact that there are approximately 200,000 purported surfacing specialists operating around the UK, you’ll want to highlight the proven, time-tested firms during the early stages of your research.

In this regard, it’s important to note that the most distinguished local groundworks firms like M W Surfacing are able to tout upwards of 35 years’ experience within the industry and a documented history of working with various property developers, educational institutions, local authorities, and industrial sites.

Step Two: Check the Accreditations

Next, you’ll want to ensure that your firm of choice is accredited and endorsed by the sector’s top regulatory agencies. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the company’s homepage and look for the following badges:

  • ConstructionLine certified
  • ISO 9001 qualification
  • SAFEPLANE approved
  • Recognised by the Street Works organisation
  • Member of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme
  • All in-house contractors accredited by the CHAS group

Step Three: Ensure a Versatile Suite of Services

Even if you only wish to seal your driveway, it’s in your best interests to make sure that you’re hiring a multitalented, resourceful firm that can handle a wide range of undertakings:

  • Comprehensive driveway construction
  • Asphalt, tarmac, and bitumen specialties
  • Inclusive road maintenance services and pothole repairs
  • Reinstatement work and road planing
  • Machine laying and hand laying
  • Various civil engineering aptitudes including excavations, drainage projects, kerbing, reinforced concrete, footpath construction, trench work, and ductwork

There you have it: the ultimate beginner’s guide to choosing a trustworthy groundworks firm!