It is well known that tile roofs are always worth the investment but many homeowners simply do not know enough about this product and how it will save time and money in the long run. These are an aesthetically attractive and “rustic” type of material that brings any property into a new level of beauty and they provide a wide range of benefits and advantages to combine with their visual appeal. No matter if you need a new roof altogether due to poor weather or suspect that it is time to replace your roof simply for its age, the choice of tile over shingles will quickly improve your quality of life in many areas.


Roof services in Leicester are available throughout the year to help you deal with the effects of severe weather, falling trees and debris, aging, and other problems that occur with a roof system. Although you may not be able to predict or stop the weather, you may take certain precautions to help reduce the damage caused by such acts of nature by choosing tile roofing for your next replacement project. Tile is a material stronger than any shingle and capable of withstanding much more than you realise, often reaching the other end of severe storms with record high wind speeds without a single tile going missing.


Tiles are naturally energy-efficient due to their shape, the materials used in production, and their long lifespan, all of which combine together to improve your annual energy costs. The shape and pattern of tile roofing will promote greater airflow across the surface and natural ventilation so that your home will remain cool in the warmer summer months and warm in the winter. Testing also concluded that roof tiles disrupt heat transfer by as much as 70% better than other materials, allowing you to pay for much less energy just to keep your property and its occupants comfortable.


Tiles come in a variety of styles and even colours so that you may get the roof that you always wanted, no matter if you want something bold and exciting or simple and classic. Shingles nearly always look the same but tile will allow you some artistic freedom limited only by your imagination and budget. This is one material perfectly suited to building a unique and eye-catching home, no matter if you live in the middle of Leicester or on its edge.


Tile roofing materials require little to no maintenance aside from the necessity of cleaning out the gutters, vents, and flashings. Tiles of high quality are all but impervious to damage caused by UV radiation and this will allow the roof to retain its rich, bright colour for years and years without any fading. In addition, minimal lifecycle costs will ensure that you absolutely receive the most benefits from your new roof and since it will last for decades, you see the most return on your investment compared to other roofing materials, especially when you consider how quickly shingles show their age over the years.