Isn’t life great when everything works as it’s designed to? Believe it or not, there are days, even weeks, when these “things” perform very well, giving people little or no stress and costing them no money. However, if you wait around long enough, going through your day in a normal way, something is going to go wrong or not do what it’s supposed to do.

This line of thinking can certainly be applied to those essential drain lines in home or business, the system that takes water and waste away to be processed elsewhere. Fortunately, most of the time you can depend on drains and pipes to deliver the service that they’re designed to deliver. When problems occur and a drain is blocked, it’s time to call in specialists who use equipment specifically designed to clear that blockage and get your life back to normal.


In many of these situations, the piping can be cleared with equipment that puts a high-powered hydro-jet through the piping to eliminate the need for excavation. Trained and experienced technicians from companies such as 3 Flow Drainage make efficient use of this technology, handling most of the blocked drain problems in a matter of hours. It’s a simple process because it uses water under very high pressure. The specially designed hose travels through the pipe, blasting away sludge, grease, and debris from the walls of the pipe. Water pressure is high enough that it can sometimes clear roots by breaking them into small pieces.

When you make your arrangements with these professionals, you also have access to septic tank installation and maintenance, drain descaling, and regular maintenance of home and business drain systems. In addition to these important services, you can also call on drainage experts for closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveys and inspections. Using the most up-to-date camera technology, these specialists can diagnose a drain problem and its exact location without immediately resorting to excavation.

Accurate View

With this method, it’s possible to view the inside of the drain and the condition of the structure itself. They’ll be able to make recommendations and suggestions based on their experience for resolving the issue. Among the benefits from hiring a company with this technique are quick and accurate identification of the problem and the ability to diagnose in confined and potentially unsafe locations. If excavation is necessary, this decision can be made immediately, based on accurate information.

CCTV technology is perfect for drain inspections as well as for manhole inspections, especially in the hands of qualified, experienced personnel. This method can be used every day of the year with expert consultants on site to conduct and monitor each survey. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised when you find out how inexpensive and cost-efficient CCTV can be.