If you have a leaking roof, then you would be looking to get it fixed. But before you set out to replace the roof, there are a few factors you need to consider and one of such is the weather conditions. Not all weather conditions are ideal for changing a leaking roof. Once you have determined the extent of damage, you would need to draw up an estimate of what it would cost to fix or replace the roof.

Finding a Suitable Roofer

You will need the services of experienced roofers if you want a job well done. You could look through the Yellow Pages for roofing contractors near you or simply go online and find one on online job sites. It is best you work with a budget and ensure that you purchase quality shingles and boards. It might cost more to purchase durable roofing materials, but it would be worth it as they tend to withstand adverse weather conditions such as winter and storms.

Repairing a Roof during Summer

Fixing or replacing a roof during summer is a lot easier due to the warm and dry weather. Also, the roofs are dry during this period and it’s easier to detect leakage and replace roof sections. It would be a disaster if you try to change the roof under the rain as it will be difficult to work under the weather and furniture and other items can get destroyed once the roof is gone. Most contractors work best during summer as they don’t have to worry about the wind or cold.

Fixing a Roof during Winter

You could also replace or repair a leaking roof during winter, but you would need to ensure that the contractor is experienced in working under winter conditions. They would have to contend with the wind and cold which could make it difficult to carry out repairs. Also, the snow and ice on the roof would need to be scraped which could be a bit of an extra work. Most contractors would charge you more to fix a roof in winter. This is due to the fact that there is more risk involved when fixing a roof in winter, and let’s faces it; no one likes to work out in the cold unless you’ll make it worth their while.

Best Time to Fix a Roof

It is best to handle all roofing problems during dry weather.  But if your roof gets blown away by the winter breeze, you will need to get it fixed immediately. If you are going to be installing asphalt shingles, then you should know that they do get brittle in cold weather. The edges also curl, once snow pile up on them which is why you want to ensure the roofers make use of roofing cement to hold down the shingles until they are able to self-seal when warm weather sets in. You also want to ensure that your roofers make use of GAF shingles as they are made from high-quality materials and to withstand extreme weather conditions. Lastly, it is important to insist that your contractors play it safe so as to prevent any accidents.