Rental properties are commonly owned by those who either have inherited a home and wish to rent it out or enjoy purchasing investment properties and then renting them to individuals or families. Renting is popular and people rent versus own for a variety of reasons. For instance, an individual just starting out may choose to rent until enough money is saved to buy a house. Maybe a family has just moved to a new city and wants to rent for a certain period of time until they decide where they want to buy. As the owner of the property, you have a lot going on and may even have another full-time job. If this is the case, a letting agent can help you manage your rental property.

Services Provided by Letting Agents

Letting agents in BN21 offer custom service packages to every landlord and homeowner based on their particular needs and wishes for their rental properties. As a client, you can expect to receive an extensive list of services that includes:

  • Marketing of vacant properties
  • Preparing properties for new tenants
  • Screening qualified tenants
  • Preparing rental agreements
  • Collecting past-due rent
  • Financial statements of your property’s income
  • Skilled maintenance staff
  • Care of property
  • Property inspection

Why Choose a Letting Agent?

Letting agents can make the rental process easy and you can rest assured that your property is cared for. All the necessary paperwork to make tax filing easy will be created and filed appropriately. Most inspections are conducted monthly and maintenance is performed by trained, skilled staff.