How often do you call a plumber? According to the recent research, an average homeowner call a plumber once every three years! How about leaky pipes, dripping faucets, running toilets, excessive water usage, slow drains, noises and low water pressure? Do you think you can handle with the common plumbing issue on your own? Are you tempted of DIY instead of entrusting it qualified specialist? Please, proceed with the greatest caution. Even a tiny mistake can lead to a serious problem with even greater consequences that can be both costly and time-consuming. Discover the most common DIY plumbing mistakes and the ways to avoid them.

The flow of water

To cut off the flow of water is the first important step of most plumbing works. Even if you have to remove an appliance or fix a hose, never forget about it, as you can face with an unexpected explosion of water. Turn the shutoff valve of a device or use a plumber key for additional leverage. If it does not work, it is better to cut the flow of water to the whole house.

Drain cleaners

if your pipes are clogging on a frequent basis instead of unlocking, consider using something else like a rented snake drain or a hand auger. Keep in mind, unlocking a clogged pipe can cause severe and lasting damage to the pipes.


Planning any kitchen or bathroom renovations connected with plumbing works, always make sure you have the right permits. Even insignificant kitchen renovation of existing plumbing system can create a severe plumbing problem, violate local building codes and lead to complications with your insurance or house sale.

Check yourself

Never try fixing something what is more than you can handle. Check online tutorials and call pros for your plumbing works. If something seems to be beyond your abilities, it is better to stop instead of going on.

Learn about plumbing as it can save you a midnight call to the plumber. Outsource your plumbing works to qualified and reliable plumbers, if you are not confident in your amateur skills. Do the plumbing works on your own, only if it is supposed to be rather pure and simple. What matters most is that you maintain the sense of safety, care, responsibility and caution, that avoidable mistakes are not possible. So, keep a professional plumber’s phone number handy in case things go wrong and you need help quickly.