From shop owners and business professionals to homeowners, tenancy providers, and pretty much everyone else, the UK is abound with people who misconstrue the veracity of our nation’s garbage troubles.

Garbage, Rubbish, and Recycling by the Numbers

During the past 12 months, the UK has buried somewhere between 44 and 50 billion tonnes of waste and processed an additional 150 billion tonnes of refuse in alternative ways. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this ostensible sea of litter:

  • Obsolete or broken electronics are very difficult to handle properly, which explains why humans dump out roughly 53 million tonnes each year throughout the world, enough to inundate almost five million double-decker busses with tech trash.
  • On average, each citizen in the United Kingdom disposes of 13 stones worth of garbage every two months, which is an amount equal to our median body weight!
  • House clearances, manufacturing excess, office cleanings, and construction site tidy-ups signify the four most pervasive sources of large masses of rubbish.

With this data at the forefront, you have to recognise that your community skip providers can impart a low-cost, discerning, tailor-made recycling and collection service for any type of waste that you happen to be plagued by.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Skip for a Clean-up Project?

If you’re in search of affordable skips in Wolverhampton, it’s worth mentioning that highly recommended providers can collect, haul away, sort, and lawfully dispose of virtually every form of waste ranging from gardening junk and structural leftovers to domestic products, hardcore, and electrical provisions, just to name a few variants.

The associated fees are very workable and you’ll have the option to pay on delivery or on collection. Be sure to call for a quote to set the process in motion.