It is summer once again, and this is the season when many homeowners turn their attention to home improvements. The driveway might have seen better days, and rather than a quick repair, it might be wiser to resurface the entire driveway, and if you fall into this category, here are a few tips to ensure the finished job exceeds your expectations.

  • Consult the Experts – Laying driveways is a specialised profession, and unless you have adequate experience and access to the right equipment, it is best left to the experts. If you live in the UK, you couldn’t do better than Priory Paving who have served the North East for more than 15 years, and have extensive experience in all aspects of driveway and patio installations.
  • Consider Materials – Some will swear by asphalt, while others prefer concrete, but in all honesty, a block paved driveway offers so much more, and if it is laid correctly, the drive will last for many years, as the blocks are very thick and sturdy. With a block paved drive, you have a wide choice of colour, and by using a two tone pattern design, you can really be creative and make your exterior the talk of the estate.
  • Visit the Showroom – Although the company would have many images of different drive designs, the best way to experience the reality is to visit the showroom, and any established company would have this facility. Home visits would also be possible, and the expert would bring real examples of many different stone types and colours, and with his professional advice, you are sure to find the perfect combination.
  • Think Long Term – Asphalt and concrete do not offer the same durability as a block paved driveway, and with interconnecting patterns and a solid base, the surface will always be solid, and with a long warranty on the work, you can relax, knowing you made a wise investment and that your drive will stand the test of time.
  • Calculate your budget – This should be done before talking to a contractor, as he would ask as soon as you began to discuss the matter, and once he has an idea of what you are prepared to spend, he can make some suggestions. If you really want to make the driveway special but have limited funds available, taking out a loan is a better alternative to a sub-standard driveway that will need repairing soon, and any established driveway contractor would be able to offer competitive rates.

Durability is a prime concern with any driveway, and while some look stunning when first laid, they leave a lot to be desired as the weeks turn into months. Stone Blocks offer much more than elegance and style, as their square shape means real durability, and with a choice of colours, textures, and finishes, you really can’t go wrong. This type of driveway might cost more than a standard tarmac job, but the beauty and durability will remain for many years to come.