The skilled task of a crane operator is not only to use a crane, but also to ensure that every safety procedure is conducted and followed through. The crane itself happens to be one of the largest, and therefore, most dangerous items of equipment on Earth.

  • And it’s for that very reason, that those who are operating cranes, must be fully trained and take their job very seriously, and should always be keeping a lookout for any potential dangers which may arise.

For any crane operator who operates a mobile crane, which is being moved from job site to job site, one of his most important and most crucial responsibilities is to carry out pre-operation inspections. This will involve making certain that all of the hydraulic systems are in great working condition and 100% ensuring that the machine is stable.

  • Also, it must be able to work safely in the conditions where it will be operating.
  • This inspection has to be carried out after every single job move.

Not Quite as Simple as It May Look

The job of a crane operator is normally to move heavy equipment or materials from one place to another on a work site or area. Quite often, such a working base is at an elevation above or occasionally below ground level, thus the need for a machine to do the lifting and moving.

  • An operator is responsible for moving the main arm (boom) into the correct position, lowering a line and hook, (Which is then attached to the load by the operator or other workers, and then moving the load to its destination.

More Duties

On various other jobs, crane operators might be using a wrecking ball for a demolition. On every job, the operator must be able to make the right decision, and professionally use the many gears of a crane to make the right moves. If seeking trustworthy and experienced crane hire in Perth, consult specialists with a good reputation.

Not a Job for Everyone

Crane operator work will occasionally involve being on a job for long hours, and sometimes working in difficult conditions.

  • Most construction work is not the type of job there is a steady shift and hours.

Operators may even be subject to economic fluctuations, or even seasonal ones also! Those living in colder climes where it reaches below freezing in the winter, and there’s snowstorms, might not have that many opportunities for crane operator work.

  • During such times, some find a second job to supplement their income.

Crane operators must always maintain the best channel of communication with other workers who they are working with. If there’s any communications break down, it is the operator’s duty to quickly work out how best to proceed.

  • Usually, this involves the suspension of operations until communications are set back up.

More than Just Pulling Levers!

And you thought it was all about someone sitting there all day pushing and pulling levers!