Just having the area to make this type of garden that all of your neighbours will be in awe of is something that most green fingered folk will fully understand. There’s no need for it to be so large like an estate, just a space where you can spend some time and heartfelt effort, and with the correct amount of patience, the garden that you’ve always dreamt of will become a reality.

Let’s Take a Look at 5 Things to Get You Moving

  1. Select the Area

Just like choosing the perfect clothes for an event, you have to choose what area you will be working on. Take out some pencils and paper and draw a design that you like. You can even do some online research or in books and magazines, to look at other beautiful gardens for tips and inspiration on what to grow and how to help the garden prosper with the help of things like bags of bark in Thirsk, which provides moisture retention and insulation, prevent weed growth and limit soil erosion.

  1. Time to Dig

After an area has been chosen, it’s now time to get out your spade and start to remove the grass until the topsoil is uncovered. Make certain to discard any roots from the removed grass, which might still be present, because this area will serve as the foundation for your plants and you don’t want anything hindering their growth.

  1. Loosen Up the Soil

Loosen up a thin layer of topsoil that is roughly 4-6 inches deep. Look out and remove any rocks or stones that will stall the growth of your plants, something nobody wishes for.

  1. Choosing what to grow
  • Select which flowers, plants or whatever else it is that you wish to make part of your garden such as trellises, natural stone cladding, etc. and write up a to do list and tick them off as you go along.
  • Make sure not to skip on anything by telling yourself you can do it later, because maybe when later arrives, it’s……… too late! Remember not to crowd flowers and plants together because of the competition between them when it comes to water, light and fertiliser! Nobody needs a quiet war going on in their garden!
  1. Seed Planting

Almost there! Now you can begin planting the seeds for your wonderful dream garden. Don’t forget to water them regularly and add some top quality fertiliser. Transforming that backyard is certainly going to require a lot of effort, time and attention, all of which will at the end of the day be simply worth it. As remember as the old saying goes “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”

At the End of the Day

Like most things of beauty, your garden will stand out amongst many others if you have the will power and stamina to make it happen. So good luck, keep at it and may your garden of dreams become a reality!