Passion for Architectural Design

Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.

We can’t help but agree with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as his words were pretty much right on. Everything needs a foundation; a starting point of some sort that leads to the things we see today. In our case, the innovative buildings or designs that we love to create.

As a group of architects and home decorators, we’ve also decided to begin our own foundation by putting two bricks together: our passion and enthusiasm in architecture and interior design to finally create Actu-Architecture.

Since we have so much zeal towards our jobs, we have fun writing about the latest and best worldwide projects we can find. These range from architectural projects, home interiors and décor only from the most renowned works.

Throughout the site, you will find that we will cover the different aspects of architecture, such as building designs, both large and small, city planning, construction work, and material use. It will also cover the different aspects of décor such as modern, classical, retro, and eclectic styles. And if your goal is to search for professionalism, not only will we provide you with our own specialized knowledge, we will also reference to many well known authority sources such as and, which announce the architectural world by broadcasting projects, news, articles, interviews, materials, and much more.

Whether you’re an expert in interior decor or an architect who’s simply looking for fresh ideas to work on or you’re someone who has an eye for design, if you enjoy working on home projects, reading about recent architects and their works, or simply finding new ways to design your home to give it that cozy or entertaining vibe—maybe even both—we are certain that by putting one block—your passion—and another block—our knowledge—you'll be able to create your own foundation.